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What Is a Cam Fiber Extension?

You may be wondering what an electronic camera fiber expansion is as well as why you might need one. Right here are some choices to get you started. Electronic camera fiber extensions can be installed straight onto the cam, or they can be affixed to the CCU with the aid of a cable. The length of a video camera fiber expansion differs relying on the camera version, however the basic idea is to increase the range between the camera and also the CCU. For example, if you wish to mount a fiber expansion to a sporting activities field, you can utilize two single-mode fiber wires. An additional choice for long-range fiber applications is the RCX C-Link, which is ideal for long-range fiber-optic applications. The VisionLink XF is a remote extender for a Camera Web link base and supports pixel clock rates in between 20-85 MHz. When connected together, 2 VisionLink XFs create an extension system, and one VisionLink XF links to each framegrabber. A fiber-optic cord attaches both VisionLink XF devices to the base.

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