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Reason for the Price Disparity Between Canadian and American Pharmacies

Prescription drugs are sold at different prices from country to country. However, you will get that some countries have drug prices that are very close together. It is Canada and America that have very huge differences in the prices of drugs. In America the price of prescription drugs is significantly higher than that of Canada. This has caused so many people in the US to prefer Canadian pharmacies. Also some Americans have been known to sneak in prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies.

Hence it is useful to learn why Canadian pharmacies will always charge low prices than their American counterparts. In this article we are going to have a deeper look as to why the Canadian pharmacies charge lower prices than American pharmacies. To start with, in America there is no regulatory body that is in charge of regulating drug prices in the industry. That is why you will see that it is the American drug manufacturers that set these prices for all the American pharmacies to use.

The lack of anyone to stop them is because there are no regulatory bodies to keep them in check. This can be looked at as a very big factor that is responsible for these differences. all the American pharmacies have to say on how much out-of-pocket money a patient should pay. A very bad consequence of this situation is that a high number of people cannot be able to follow the prescription given to them. Because of this, so many people remain being sick. For the Canadian pharmacies, there is some regulation to it. This makes drug prices in Canadian pharmacies very affordable.

Another thing to note is that Canada’s regulatory body has a role in making sure that drug prices remain at a level that is affordable for all people. On the internet, you will find so many pharmacies that are Canadian. The popularity of online pharmacies is very significant in Canada. All the online Canadian pharmacies make sure to set their prices as stated by the regulatory body of drug prices. There is a certain organization that has conducted studies that have been able to clearly prove that purchasing drugs from online pharmacies in Canada is a very cheap and a good option. You will however need to ensure that you buy from a legitimate online Canadian pharmacy. To get to know this you will have to check the license that they have. in America there is a law that prohibits Medicare from interfering with the drug prices.